Living Isaiah 3018

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What is Living Isaiah 30:18?

You know what to do but how do you get there with everything you are dealing with?
You know that God has a plan for you but how do you tap into that plan? 
You know you shouldn't be afraid but, if truth be told, you feel fearful.
You know that God loves you but why don't you feel deserving?

If you are struggling with any of these questions or with thoughts and feelings that no one knows but you, hang in there There is hope. God has an answer and action steps that will help you move beyond the doubt and uncertainty to a faith and hope that cannot be shaken. He will be your constant companion and will show you how to live a victorious life while you are going through. God longs to have a personal intimate relationship with you. He knows everything about you and He has an amazing plan for your life.

Tap into His resources: His mercy, His grace, His favor, His love and His peace and walk a life that not only takes you higher but that inspires others to go with you.

About the Author

Motivational Speaker and Founder of Isaiah 30:18 Ministries, Dana Davin has been the President of Aloette Cosmetics in the State of Arkansas for over 25 years but God woke Dana up in the middle of the night and told her to write a book and Living Isaiah 30:18 came pouring out onto the page Dana is devoted to spreading God's message of hope, love, compassion and victory to a world that is hurting. She is a mentor, a mother and a motivator. Let her passion, energy, and enthusiasm fire you up to live life with power and purpose.