The Harbor Home

The Harbor Home is a live in training center for women who struggle with addictions and destructive lifestyles as well as a transitional living center for women who have been incarcerated and are a seeking a new direction in life.

We currently own a 5 acre, debt-free property.  The building located on the property, which will house Phase 1 of The Harbor Home program is being equipped with showers and laundry facilities and we expect to begin taking in our first residents in late Spring, early Summer 2015.  This building will hold 8 residents and the director of the program who will live on property.

Phase 2 of The Harbor Home is also in the works with a metal building being donated to house another 20 residents.  We are working with a local construction company, Habitat for Humanity and numerous local churches and volunteer organizations to get the inside of the building ready for habitation.

Items Needed to Complete the Project are:

Plumbing for showers and laundry facilities 
Septic tank for shower and washer drainage Large Refrigerators Electric Work inside the building Washers and Dryers Bunk Beds with Mattress and Box Springs

Monetary Donations are needed in the sum of $20,000 to complete Phase 1 and $75,000 to complete Phase 2.  We are in the process of seeking grant money and corporate gifts and are actively fundraising to move the opening of The Harbor Home to completion.

At The Harbor Home we will teach lifestyle classes, financial money-management, Teen Challenge Curriculum which covers a wide range of life changing topics.  We will also be helping facilitate job placement, providing transportation and teaching our residents the importance of community service.  

Our goal is to help establish a firm foundation for these women to build on, both personally and professionally.

We have a plan to expand the program and to create business opportunities for our residents and people in the community who are struggling to find gainful employment and support.

To donate time, talent, financial resources and any skills you may have to help us in opening The Harbor Home, contact Larry Ward at (501)339-5600.